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Koolan Airport

Koolan Island, Australia
Qube Ports Pty Ltd
10,400 SM / 112,000 SF

The Koolan Island Logistics Base is a world-class Oil & Gas facility to be located in Koolan Island, Australia. The island is about 1 mile off the Kimberley coast, in the Buccaneer archipelago. At the time of design, the island was supporting mining operations for hematite ore - with open pit mining happening in the island since the 1940s.

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Made with pride
All facilities and buildings were designed to resist category 4 cyclones, and to be of modular construction for mechanical assembly on site.

The project includes a new 1800m-long runway with possibility to expand to 2,200m in length conceived to safely land a B787-800. The facilities that complement the airfield include a 16,000 SF Airfield Terminal building, and a 96,000 SF Rotary Wing facility that can house a total of 9 helicopters, with 4 bays for shelter, 4 bays for maintenance and 1 bay for search and rescue. Both the terminal building and the hangars were designed with ample roofs to provide shade and also to harvest rainwater - with the ability to collect up to 14-million liters of water per year.  In addition to the airfield facilities, the Master Plan also included an international maritime port, a small boat marina, and upgrades to island's existing accommodation village.


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